Scientific Work

Academy’s high status is proved by a wide range of scientific works. Central Research Scientific Laboratory is Academy’s methodological center including several laboratories to carry out immunological and biochemical investigations. The scientific laboratory work is in charge of Professor L.F. Telesheva, doctor of medical sciences.

According to ChelSMA Academic council decision dated 20.10. 2000 and  Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health  2510/13309 dated 26.12.2000, the Immunology Research Institute was established on the basis of ChelSMA, Central Scientific Research Laboratory and Academy clinical hospital to coordinate research in immunology and allergy, to improve the quality of research and to implement its results into practical health care. The Immunology Research Institute is headed by the Russian Federation Honored Science Worker, Professor I.I. Dolgushin.

On July, 1, 2001 on the basis of the Immunology and Clinical Allergy Department of ChelSMA as well as Chelyabinsk War Veterans Regional Hospital the neuroimmunology laboratory was created as the Yekaterinburg subsidiary of the Institute of Ecology and Genetics of Microorganisms, which is the Ural branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Till June 2010 the neuroimmunology laboratory was headed by professor S.N. Teplova, the Russian Federation Honored Science Worker.

ChelSMA has 3 Thesis Defense committees in 10 specialties.

The Academy organized 61 scientific conferences, the scientific proceedings were issued and the scientific achievements exhibitions were arranged.

Sixteen patents for inventions have been obtained.

Scientific schools have been developing throughout the decades.

Scientific studies in the following fields are widely known:  general and applied immunology (Professors L.Ya. Ebert, I.I. Dolgushin, S.N. Teplova, A.V.  Zurochka, A.Yu. Pishchalnikov, L.F. Telesheva); cardiovascular diseases (Professors D.A. Glubokov, V.V. Belov, O.F. Kalev, A.S.  Prazdnov, S.P. Sinitsyn, P.D. Sinitsyn, I.I.  Shaposhnikov, Yu.S. Shamurov); cambustiology (Professors R.I. Lifshitz, I.A. Volchegorsky, V.E. Ryabinin, V.V. Salomatin); hematology (Academician of RAMS, Prof. Yu.M. Zakharov, Professors A.G. Rassokhin, S.L. Sashenkov, G.K. Popov, L.V. Krivokhizhina); pathology of the respiratory system in children (Professors N.C. Tyurina , D.K. Volosnikov, R. A. Dardzhaniya, Ya.I.  Zhakov, N.N. Rusanova, A.N. Uzunova); oncology (Professors A.V. Vazhenin, Ye.V. Kotlyarov); surgical management of inner organs and blood vessels (Professors I.A. Andrievskikh, V.N. Bordunovsky, V.A. Privalov, S.V. Yaytsev); scientific foundations of health  care reform (Professors L. G. Rosenfeld, A.Yu. Tyukov, V.R. Teslenko); the nervous system morphology (Professors V.V. Turygin, V.N. Sachko, S.Ye. Shemyakov).

Significant contribution to the development of pathogenesis and pathologic anatomy of inflammatory and neoplastic diseases was made by a corresponding member of RAMS, Professor V.L Kovalenko, professors Ye.L. Kazachkov and Ye.L. Kurenkov.

ChelSMA is proactive in certain scientific areas in Russia. It is of much account both in our country and abroad.

In 2008, Yu. M. Zakharov, the Academician of RAMS, became “The Calling” prize winner and V.L. Kovalenko - the corresponding member of RAMS - was honored with the Russian Federation State Prize.

The European Academy of Natural Sciences awarded these scientists with special diplomas for significant contribution to the development of medical science.