International Cooperation

ChelSMA takes part in the implementation of two international large-scale programs. One of them is carried out with the University of Rochester (USA) aimed at the introduction of new technologies in the educational process.  In the context of this cooperation an active exchange of students, residents and teaching staff is taking place.

As a result of joint efforts a new method of elaboration of written tests for theoretical and clinical disciplines was introduced in ChelSMA.

Students’ group practice has been organized by the departments training graduates.

A new course “Introduction to normal health status and pathology” is taught to the first-year students.

The second project deals with the implementation of “Integrated prevention of non-communicable diseases” program under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Chelyabinsk region (CINDI program) since 1991.

The regional director of the project is professor O.F.  Kalev.

The international project "The partnership on issues of population health in children"

ChelSMA scientific workers took part in the preparation of several fundamental documents of CINDI program at the international, national and regional levels. They also organized three international workshops and XIII Annual Meeting of CINDI National Directors.

By means of computer network of CINDI-Chelyabinsk center the academy is connected with 24 international and 7 Russian CINDI centers.

A license contract with JSC "Mete" (Czech Republic, Prague) was made to grant non-exclusive rights to use inventions of the Academy workers in production of medical devices for rhythmocardiography.

Foreign partners and organizations