Practical Skills Training Center

The Director: Alexander Victorovich Chukichev, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Head of the Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy department

Address: 454092, Chelyabinsk, Varnenskaya Street, 10, office

Contact telephone: (351) 232-01-45

The Practical Skills Training Center was founded on September, 1 2009 to implement general educational program of the specialists’ training in medical faculties.

The main mission of the centre is to provide a class environment for future specialists’ training to develop adequate health practitioners' skills. 


The work of the centre is based on the following principles:

  • Individual-based training including scenario training with state-of-the-art manikins and actual clinical equipment.
  • Application of practical skills training modules through the course of studies. The student is supposed to improve his/her basic practical skills and master more complicated manipulations in each consecutive course (department).
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of information, teaching, simulation environments to ensure the best educational process.


Within the frames of the national project “Health” the Practical Skills Training Center is currently equipped with a variety of high-tech simulators: adult patient, neonate, child manikins, systems for training intravenous injections, urethral catheterization trainers, gastric intubation trainers and intubation trainers with the aim to master a wide range of advanced skills.