The Scientific Library

Address: 454092, Chelyabinsk, Vorovsky Street, 64, office

Contact telephone: (351) 232-74-08



The library of Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy has the II category status among scientific libraries. The total area of the library comprises 1,312 square meters.

The library is led by the head of the library; the library resource council is a collective leading body. Since 1994 to enhance the scientific and educational activities the automation of the library has been started in different spheres such as automation of library and bibliographic processes; automation of information processes.

New information technologies are being actively introduced in the library. Nowadays it is equipped with 32 personal computers connected to the local network. Since 1997 the library has been connected to the Internet.

The library electronic catalogue appeared in 1994, enabling the librarians to database books, theses, author’s dissertation abstracts and periodicals.

Nowadays the electronic catalogue of the library numbers more than 125,000 materials. The access to the e-catalogue is available in the specialized hall of catalogues and through the Internet.

In 2001-2003 the library had prepared three grants to take part in the projects “An Open Corporative System of the Chelyabinsk region” and “An Open Access to Medical Information Resources”. All grants were supported by the Open Society Institute (Soros Fund).

In January 2010 the library collection numbered 553,000 materials. It has specialized resources, and they are selected according to educational and scientific approved policies of the academy. The major part of the library collection consists of medical scientific and teaching literature. Besides, everyone can have access to the literature of Social Sciences, the Humanities and Art Literature. There are 41,445 medical documents in foreign languages. The e-collection numbers 1,331 materials on CD-ROM/DVD-ROMs.

The scientific literature is actively used by the undergraduates and graduates in the training process, especially in the 4-6 courses of study. The library numbers 7,269 readers. The staff of the library includes 35 librarians. In 2010 the total book use counted 576,097. The 2010 annual collection of the entire Library system comprised 18,022 materials including 305 subscriptions to periodicals.